Bell Green Gas Holder Demolition 2019/2020

Work proposed to begin on the 18th June

They are kinda cute. But a bit of a waste of space. Depends what they put in their place as to wether I support.


Looks like it’s finally over for the gas holders:

DC_18_107607-Decision_Notice-703390 (2).pdf (105.2 KB)

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The demolition plans have taken a few more twists and turns, with concerns over decontamination measures and nesting bird season… with the council applying strict conditions:

DC_18_107607-Decision_Notice-703390 (2).pdf (105.2 KB)

The most recent letter is dated 14th Nov (yesterday):

DC_18_108589-Decision_Notice-741954.pdf (79.0 KB)

The Council’s Environmental Protection Officers comments are non sequitor and are observations, NOT new conditions.

The conditions referred to in the July approval that are pre-commencement conditions have now been fulfilled.

The demolition works can commence.

The reports will be prepared during the currency of the works and will be submitted to the authority at the appropriate time.

I think the current issue is that while they have the right to demolish the gasholders, a large amount of land they plan to develop is being reassessed as potentially legally protected curtilage. The satelite structures of a listed building, in this case, bowling green pavilion, sports ground and tennis courts, all have the same protection as their parent listed building.

We are waiting for Historic England to rule on the extent of the Hall’s curtilage. It’s all incredibly complex and technical, but HE decide on all cases. If half the available land is ruled out of contention, then the costs of dismantling and cleaning up after the gasholders become less appealing, and the plans would in any case need a complete revision.

My favoured use of the gasholders is for a new sports centre, which would allow the Bridge to be redeveloped for housing. One could have swimming pool in the basement / well area, other sports on the next level, and an open air track on a roof terrace. The other could have a multi-purpose hall for sports, events and music performances, with other halls above. Both structures could start below ground and rise halfway up the frame, so we would still get the tracery of the ironwork against the sky. Ah, I can dream…

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Seems it’s finally end of the line for the stubborn old gas holders.

Demolition begins in a week. Email from the owners SGN:

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Will they… won’t they … for years, and finally it’s happening. Kinda surreal :flushed:

Thanks for sharing @AidenH - I notice that brilliant photo is by @anon81602171je (James, are you okay with Aiden sharing it here?).

End of an era for those gas holders!

Rumbled!! My bad @anon81602171je I didn’t see the watermark when I grabbed the photo from the web. Apologies. If you don’t want me to use it I will edit it out.

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How do people feel about the demolition?

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Has there been any emergent evidence of progress or even any acknowledgement by HE that this is an issue that is being considered by them ?


Most if not all of the events at the last months have been large scale funerals or weddings. They can happen as frequently as three to four times per week.

Part of the normal cycle of events and business for this social club.

The parking issues you describe were planned to be alleviated by the provision of parking spaces to the rear of the Livesey Hall - all temporarily dismissed by the rejection of the planning application. We await the restitution of these benefits as part of a potentially successful Inquiry by the Planning Inspectorate in 2019.

Statement from Lewisham Council:

Hat tip to @Michael for spotting this page.

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“masterplan for the site” ??? Well the whole of Bell Green currently looks as if it has been cobbled together by a committee charactertised by poor taste, indifference to local needs (especially pedestrians and those who like to breathe easily) and few resources- are we being led to expect something better? Why? Will different people be taking the decisions?


From today’s NewsShopper article it looks like people have ideas but there’s no coherent strategy as far as I can see:


I very much appreciate that people have different opinions and ideas but from my experience a fair amount of those coming from the Sydenham Society require more thought, strategy and reasoning especially with regards to possible funding for these ideas. I’m not suggesting they aren’t wonderful ideas but it requires a lot of co-ordination, agreements and some funding to do something as seemingly simple as a mural on the railside wall - which was previously raised as a possible project for them (separate to my attempted mural) and raised again during my foray with National Rail essentially saying it would be very unlikely due to ttoo much effort/co-ordination and inconvenience to commuters (closing of the rail!). If that’s anything to go by it would seem that other possible good ideas like suggesting to move a train station isn’t backed up by much strategy/plans/realistic views.

Again, just to emphasise not having a go at the society and their work, just making a comment on some of the “ideas“ they have which appear to not only appear lacking in strategic thought/planning but also give some semblance of reasoning behind their stances on certain local issues

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