Travis Perkins on former Bell Green Gasholders site

Rumour is that Travis Perkins is acquiring (or has acquired) the site.

For what purpose? Does anyone know?

I guess for one of their builders’ merchant outlets?

In other news, the former gasholders at Old Kent Road are turning into an alligator enclosure:

And thus, more HGVs navigating the complex junctions around Bell Green and near Haseltine? Lewisham Planning Dept? helllo???


From ForestHull on

Looking somewhat unlikely in light of this:

Having seen that, I once again contacted their senior executive for property. He confirmed that their position had not changed since our last contact.
As before his emphasis is a strange argument in which TP is not a retailer.

“I would reiterate again, as I know retail is a sensitive subject, that Travis Perkins is not a retailer but a distributor and supplier of building materials.”

I cannot see how this works, as TP sells materials to anyone who walks through their door. I think we should keep the company under watch, until they make a clear statement.


Oh puhleese. What a tangled web they weave …

They’re hardly giving their stuff away free, gratis and out of the charity of their hearts. They’re a FTSE 250 company.

According to Companies House:

Nature of business (SIC)
46130 - Agents involved in the sale of timber and building materials

But on their own website TP describe themselves as builders’ merchants and say:

Travis Perkins’ ambition is to deliver best-in-class products and service to each and every customer - from professionals in the building trade to avid DIYers and home improvers. We are dedicated to building relationships with our customers and suppliers alike, so we can offer the best choice of products and expert help and advice from our knowledgeable teams, locally - that is our promise to you.

Maybe they get tax breaks or special privileges of some sort by not calling themselves “retailers”?

Some may think Covid-19 is a handy scapegoat for many companies who were planning on closures anyway. In TP’s case were they intending to just relocate because of ULEZ? It will be interesting to see what happens to the BG Toolstation site. Is that TP owned store closing? Do they own or lease that site? If they own it and if they are buying the gasworks site are they land banking?

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Bizarre, isn’t it! I have been told this several times now. It is a vast multinational which also owns Wickes and other competitors, which they were trying to sell off recently. Their shares have tanked, but their response makes me concerned they might try for a delivery-only hub at Bell Green. That would be a nightmare of lorry movements and air pollution. I am keeping an eye on them until they formally walk away.

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Good but scary thought @jrw re the hub.

On TP’s website, prices include VAT. That smells like a retailer to me. So yes, maybe they just don’t intend to retail on the retail park.