Lammas Green/Sydenham Hill Estate redevelopment

The planning application is now live, with a closing date for for comments of 31 Jan.

The planning section of Lewisham’s website will be closed for maintenance on Mon 13 and Tues 14 Jan.


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It’s a major redevelopment and will affect the outlook from Sydenham Hill - and also bring 500+ new residents to Sydenham:



Previous consultations:

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As there is no GP surgery in Forest Hill ward this will mean 500-ish extra patients for Wells Park Practice.


Housing is so desperately needed, and the council has quotas of new housing to provide.

Can Sydenham rest assured that one large development of this kind will avoid the housing quota being satisfied by lots of low rise developments?

@marymck makes a good point about the clinic. The pressures on school places will be high too.

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I agree that affordable housing is desperately needed. However, the scale of the proposal is enormous. It will be 2 1/2 times the size of Countisbury House (on the corner of Crescent Wood Road).
They are really squeezing the homes in, many local residents had hoped to see something more sympathetic to the surroundings.
Lewisham does not have a great track record on delivering affordable housing quotas in private developments. There is also little joined up planning around transport, NHS etc.
The City of London are planning large housing developments north of the river with no affordable housing included. The issues are complex, however this is a missed opportunity for a special site.


The scale and size of development concern me. Hopefully unfounded and all will be fine but a tad uncertain re. potential overcrowding of already pressed services such as local schools, GP, etc… But then again I guess there is pressure to provide more housing…


For those opposed:

The scale and massing is out of proportion with the surrounding area. Tall blocks will stand proud of the tree line.
Residents of 110 new housing units will add pressure to the lack of local infrastructure - schools. Drs surgery, shops - section 106 ( or the newly named NCIL) money will not provide an answer to problems already perceived.