Aldi look to take on former Toys 'R Us store in Sydenham



A new twist in the tale of Bell Green:

Plans here


“Plot twist” :smiley:

Had my fingers crossed for something like tkmaxx but that’s alright.


And how will Bell Green cope with all the traffic? It is frequently jammed up now and you can actually taste the air pollution around the junctions.Aldi are saying there wil lbe another 3000 rtn journeys a day and they have a vested interest in estimating that on the low side.


I have been to bell green at differing times and days and never have I seen really bad traffic for a ‘retail park’. ( There isn’t currently that much there to draw you so good to see the Aldi!)

And there is always hundreds of spaces, am I missing something? Granted I do not live beside it so apologises.

Will be great not to have to go into the massively congested Catford!


No one cares if htere are parking spaces or not; the issue is the road congestion o nthe gyratory system and its feeder roads- Southend Lane, Perry Rise and Perry Hill… The council itself state the system is above capacity from their own data.


I suppose if it’s decided (by the council?) that bell green is to exist as retail park then perhaps we might expect some shops people actually want to go to setting up and for those people to be happy about it.

The comment on parking spaces was a general comment but actually how can there be so much congestion but no-one actually in bell green parked?! I wonder if the congestion is just bad traffic management system which may outside of Aldi’s control.

Sorry if it’s a different experience for you.