Just had some excellent beef from Billngs - the long suffering and much cherished Mrs Nigel turned it into Boeuf Bourguignon and it was delicious .
Billings remains my go-to place for sausage and ham - consistently good as well as other meat and of course fish .

I understand Mina’s fish curry sauce is due to make a return - for those who haven’t tried it - do . Basically a wonderful home-cooked style dinner in 10 mins - make up some nonsense about how you learned to cook it whilst you were a sous-chef in Kerala and you are the Indian Nigel Slater .

Other recommendations are their bacon - always good and their pork chipolatas- took 2 kilos to Wales in October ( there were 4 of us so not as piggy as it sounds ) and they were highly appreciated .

When I pass the crowd outside Roses in E Dulwich I am very glad we have Billings - I think they are better value and better quality and they are all very nice peeps too .


Billings is my weekend treat for both meat or fish. Also helpful and knowledgeable which is handy as I usually have no idea what I want. Otherwise I always have their sausages in freezer as back up.