Archived on 6/5/2022

Sydenham Library repairs?

12 Sep '19

Perhaps someone could organise another crowdfunder like this: Sydenham Library roof fundraiser [Target reached]

13 Sep '19

I’d be happy to run a fundraising whisky tasting next year if that’s of interest? I usually run at ignition Brewery, but am doing a fundraiser for Sydenham arts next Month.

If you’re involved in the library & want to get in touch message me via @exploringwhisky on instagram or FB

22 Sep '19

Thanks very much for this kind offer. I am a former volunteer at the library, which is managed by Eco Communities who also manage some libraries in Bexley. I will pass this on to their CEO. There is more local concern about the dilapidation and the lack of volunteers.

22 Sep '19

Not sure how much it will help but I put library repairs/support the library etc as one of the thoughts for the NCIL:

Direct link to the Sydenham map and ideas etc:

Be good to spread word to have more input Ito this for the scheme to see wants/needs etc (library or other!)