Sydenham Library roof fundraiser [Target reached]



Sydenham Libraries needs your help, we are having some problems with the roofs, we have a few leaks in the library and would love to get these repaired. Sydenham Library has so much going on, from leading books, to children rhyme time, knitting clubs, books clubs, coding clubs, even Father Christmas come for a visit this week. Please help by donating to this project so that more can happen in the building.

How the funding will be spent

The roof repair at Sydenham Libraries will cost £1800. This will help to keep the library dry and also stop further problems with water penetration in the walls.

How this will benefit the community

The more rain we get the more damage the buildings will have, so we need to get these repairs as soon as possible, please help us.

2018: The Year in Review

It doesn’t appear to have been very well publicised but the volunteer lead library needs funds to fix a dodgy roof to stop further damage to the roof and allow the community groups and library to continue running safely/without rain getting in!

They seem to have raised/gained funding of £1200 themselves but have turned to the online community to raise the remaining money to hit the £1800 target.

They haven’t had many donations (possibly due to a lack of exposure?) but are only £300 if the target.

I’m sure any donations would be hugely appreciated!


Made a small donation, this is one of the best local libraries about!


Also I want to help as much as possible so please see below:

This is a really good and well used community hub. If anybody in the area has a rubbish clearance they need (minimum is a skips worth) we will undertake the work and Donate the profit straight to the Libaray. Please send an email to


Although not affiliated with the library and don’t use it regularly (perhaps I should do!) just want to say thanks for the response. Since I put this up on Twitter/forums there has been 15 more online donations and they are closer to the goal (£190 to go in 4 days).

Spread the word to those who may be interested in helping directly or needing clearance/removal work which would also help!


Thank you for sharing this @michmich and @jmlf

I made a small donation today. They’re not asking for much money really and libraries are vital.

How many of us grew up with regular visits to the library? I’d like my (hypothetical future) children to have that experience too.


I can’t imagine my childhood without it. So much better than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram! :grimacing:


If people don’t have money to give then time is just as useful. I regularly volunteer at Forest Hill library (simply as closer for me than the Sydenham branch). These two amongst most others in the borough are just volunteer run to help them stay open. For me it is a nice change of scenery from work with v flexible hours which you can choose. No minimum commitment. Have been doing this for a year now. No special skills required and meet lots of nice people (library users and other volunteers). - sry high jacking the thread slightly but for a worthwhile cause :wink:


So close now… just £65 from the target :wave:


I’ve made a donation pushing this crowdfunder to its goal :ok_hand:

I’m glad to see Sydenham library being looked after by conscientious volunteers.


Delighted they made it, and with time to spare. I think this forum helped spread the word so thank you @chrisbeach, and everyone here that donated. :partying_face: