Wild swimming spot Beckenham Place Park [Opening 20th July]

The lake is huge!




We just need a torrential downpour and job’s a good’un :smiley:

How does everyone feel about “wild swimming” in BPP?


Amazing! Can t wait! Still I will swim in my favourite lake in Hackney :wink: .I will swim in both! But so curious to see the price and all the rest!

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Oh wow, they are building a beach too!

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That looks bloody amazing. Thanks for sharing :+1:

More info from the council website:

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With the greatest respect to dog owners, I hope dogs are not allowed on the beach. The beach needs to be kept clean if kids are playing there.

Have the council announced any policies yet?

Yes! Although I don’t know if they can be stopped in practical terms.

Now I may be in the minority here, but isn’t it a bit gross to swim in the same water as wild animals? And won’t that beach quickly turn into an algae-rich swamp?

Hyde Park Serpentine is the same. My partner swims there with the geese and swans! He is not dead yet.

They have omitted the shopping trolley in the picture?


I swim in the lake you talk about dogs? What about foxes or people throwing litters ? I think this is worst. You get more ill by taking pill(drugs) and eating bad food . It is a wild spot so if you like wild…and nope I never got ill still strong and alive ! :+1::wink:

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For the other side of the story please read this blog.

There is a story of wastage and bad planning behind this ‘lake’.


OK so someone has plans to open a cocktail beach bar, right? :cocktail::tropical_drink:

What can we do to make this happen?! :smiley:

Illuminating reading @foresthillfrank

No lifeguards at BPP lake. I can’t help but feel this plan may backfire.

But on the other hand I appreciate seeing the council do something ambitious and people elsewhere on social media seem stoked about the beach.

Edit: very impressed that copy-and-paste from a website also copies the images into my post!

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Beautiful video:

Sadly it’s not quite the beach I imagined it to be when posting previously :thinking:



Looks good and nice to see ambitious projects with good intentions like this go ahead.

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Beckenham Place Park Relaunch Event