What’s happening next to Nando’s?



It’s all part of Nandos. I think the door in the middle must go to upstairs flats.


To the left is going to be Nandos.

The doors in the middle without any hoardings around them do indeed lead to the flats.

The part to the right led to the Regency Club, which was, until recently, still full of snooker tables. As far as I know this wasn’t going to be part of Nandos, so unless they have taken over part of it, it’s something else.

Originally Nandos was going to take both units for the old Wedding shop and the citizens advice bureau.

After securing a change of use and battling the powers that be in Sydenham and planning for over a year, they let the citizens advice part to Mama Dough Pizza which hopefully will be opening soon.

It will be interesting to find out what is happening behind.


Yes that’s what I figured. Also the hoardings are a definitely a different developer. There was a rumour a long time ago about a cinema but I would very much doubt that.


I think it’s good with mama dough as well


Pretty sure it’s part of Nandos. That’s what the planning documents suggest anyway.

DC_17_100519-PROPOSED_PLANS-553596.pdf (376.5 KB)



DC_17_100519-PROPOSED_ELEVATIONS-572013.pdf (594.2 KB)


Thanks @jam-sandwich - unfortunately the links didn’t work (blame Lewisham’s planning portal). I downloaded the documents and tweaked your posts to include the downloaded files.




I Stand corrected! Thanks Jam-Sandwich and Chris.
It would be great if someone took over the old snooker club.


Anyone seen inside ? What would be good in there ?


Inside the snooker club?
I haven’t but I knew someone a while ago who was thinking of opening a pizza restaurant in there with wood fired ovens. There was talk of it being a cinema a while back and other talk of it being a Theatre. As far as I now it’s a large space.

According tot he Sydenham Society, it was sold in 2016 along with the Nando’s site and night club, which is huge.