Ultrafast Broadband (G.fast/FTTP/FTTH) in Sydenham



Has anyone seen signs of Ultrafast broadband coming to our corner of London? By this, I mean anything >100Mbps (G.fast, FTTP, FTTH), rather than the ‘Superfast’ (up to 80Mbps VDSL2) that BT et al offer as standard.

Much (though not all) of Sydenham has Virgin Media ‘Hybrid Fibre-Coax’, which is capable of those speeds, for a price.

Last November, Openreach announced their intention to rollout G.fast to Sydenham (or ‘Sydenham (Croydon)’, wherever that is :grinning:), which would bring up to 300Mbps over existing copper wires for those who live close enough to their phone cabinet. But no signs of any progress with this, or published plans for when it might come (roadworks.org shows no planned engineering works in the next 12 months).

Things are even quieter on the subject of ‘proper’ 1Gbps Fibre-to-the-Premises, either from Openreach or one of the other telecoms companies investing in infrastructure. Some new build blocks of flats (Dylon Works, etc.) are lucky enough to have services like Hyperoptic pre-installed, but there don’t appear to be any plans on the horizon to get a service in place for the rest of us.

So… what do you know about plans to bring the 21st century kicking and screaming to our little technology backwater?!