Treble Clef Records - a blast from the past

An old sign revealed during recent renovation work on Sydenham Road

Who remembers Treble Clef?

What’s going in this space?

Unsure. Anyone else have any insight?

At a guess (because I can only see a close up photo, with a tad of the building) is this the old Boilers R Us shop?

If so, this is live …

DC/20/115540 | The conversion and additional storey to the existing storage building to the rear of 56 Sydenham Road, SE26, to provide a one-bedroom dwellinghouse and associated refuse and cycle storage and elevational alterations to the side and rear elevation of 56 Sydenham Road. | 56 SYDENHAM ROAD, LONDON, SE26 5QF

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If this is the case it’s a bit of a joke in my opinion as the high street already has 8-10 empty units (if counting from opposite Puregym down to the Poodle Club) and dragonfly yoga for example were told that they had to provide retail within the shop at street level to support the aesthetic and usefulness of the unit to passers by.

Not necessarily saying it’s anyone’s fault but although we do have some great stuff on our high street, we have far more empty units (many of which are empty/unused consistently for years) then nearby places like Forest Hill and Penge (why is that?) and no-one higher up seems to be doing anything to try and support this from an outsiders point of view (ie: supporting favourable business rates for new businesses, a project to support unit owners to re-do their shutters - a small thing to make units more appealing to prospective renters etc…)

My point still stands about high street shops but may have jumped the gun a little - It seems the whole area is “number 56” and the shop looks like it will stay as a shop (being as there is no change in use and the residence plans seem to just be the area behind the shop)

You make a good point JMLF but it clearly must be someone’s fault- as you say other near by areas do not suffer this nor do they seem to be governed by an endless series of hidden red tape that benefits no one.

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Damn, thought it was new. Some hipster action.

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