The Poodle Club



The Poodle Club - a small comedy venue will be opening mid December offering comedy, a child friendly social venue, comedy workshops and venue rental for events.

167 Sydenham Road, where Beer Rebellion used to be /not far past the Lidl on the high street.

For info, tickets for opening weekend and more!

Just thought would spread the news for a new local start-up :slight_smile:


I just love that name :poodle:

Laughing already :grin: :yum:


I’m not working for them I swear!
Thought I’d just bump this up as only a few tickets left for opening weekend and line-up/tickets released for weekend after (headliners I presume: Arthur Smith and Shazia Mirza) plus a New Years do.


Just went for the first time tonight - had to cancel when had tickets before :frowning: - absolutely brilliant night of mostly comedy with some magic also. 2.5 hours of fantastic entertainment for just over a £10 on our doorstep. Absolutely fantastic and the place stays open with tunes until 12 too. A real gem not only in Sydenham but in South London full stop if you ask me!!!


Hope it’s okay for me to share this. The Poodle Club is a little treasure in Sydenham and they have a lot going on in January:


We are about to book tickets for the sing-a-long sound of music and have really loved every time we have been. Great owners, great acts and great atmosphere.


I have been once - really enjoyed it


In addition to the weekly comedy and monthly sing-a-long pub quiz, The Poodle Club have released a few special events over the next few weeks. I thought I’d pop them up here in case anyone isn’t on their mailing list (recommended for early tickets as many shows sell out by looks of things)

Ps: ignore the “click”! and head to for any info/tickets