The Mural Designs!



Let’s steer this conversation back toward mural designs, folks.


Hi all.
If we clear the decks on this with a fresh perspective and re-start with a few location options that are green light and able to be painted, then I think we will find there are really only one or two locations worthy of a hallmark project.

The process needs to be centered and as simple as possible once the sites have been narrowed down.

I think a meeting should be set that determines process.

My feeling also is that it could combine all artists and not be set up as a winner takes all competition. All participants could be winners and that really would be a community statement.

Just a couple of ground level notions for all.



Thanks John - yep I usually mark up layouts as drafts but assumed as I was originally directed to simply post the submission onto this roll, that my artwork was in the pot.


Sounds like a great idea.


Hello JMLF I would like to ask you if you do murals Also for private individual ?


If not, sounds like a nice potential side-line for Jon, linking street artists and private landowners :wink:

(although he’s probably done enough mural organising to last a lifetime!)