The Gym Ltd proposed at old Co-op site, 74-78 Sydenham Road

Continuing the conversation from Vacant Sydenham shop has been lit for two years (74-78 Sydenham Road)

The Gym Ltd has submitted a change of use proposal for the former co-op on 74-78 Sydenham Road:

Proposed Floor Plan.pdf (624.5 KB)

The Gym Limited on Companies House:

How does everyone feel about a new gym coming to this location?

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Their is a new gym just opened up opposite smart chaps barbers. Why do we need another one? Clothes shop, Toy shop, Shoe shop…Anything other than a gym, barbers, nail bar or bookmakers.


Great news. The only gym in the area is Puregym which is very busy and not big enough for the amount of people that go there. Debbie your comment is incorrect, there is not another gym across from chaps. I don’t understand why people aren’t happy about this. Get people moving and healthy. Far better than another supermarket chain we don’t need taking money out of the area. Or a fast food joint or betting shop. Looking forward to seeing some competition to PureGym. It might make them pull their socks up.


Thank you, tell me about that! But it seems the majority want a gym . :sob:. I would love a clothes shop like Primark or shoes shop ! We don t have one here and in Forest Hill as well!

I don t like Gym… for to be active you really don t need a gym…different ways to practice sports and exercises … we don t have clothes shops for instance or sports shops …a part the sad Sport Direct in Bell Green where you can t find good quality off road ,trail shoes for runners or items for swim…

I won’t use the gym myself, but I’m delighted at the footfall this will generate. So I think it’s a positive move.

Kirkdale High Street has an excellent children’s shoe shop by the way. Emmanuel Marshall at 235 Dartmouth Road and some “children’s” shoes do go up to quite large sizes (though I don’t know what sizes they have there). My favourite trainers ever were from a children’s shoe shop in Radlett - and I’m a size six!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Children shoe shop? Hhhhahahahahhaa. As a runner we don t buy shoes at children shoes shops! They maybe last for one week! Anyway . We do have already gyms and leisure centre in the area . I don t say is a negative thing BUT we missed some shop where in other places they have … why open a business where there is already one on? I would love to have a clothes shop in Sydenham or a proper sports shop . Or at least something we don t have …

Bit uncalled for. I was trying to be helpful. I can’t imagine there’s a huge market for specialist shoes for people on high horses locally.


Agreed, that was uncalled for. Can we all be kind to each other please.

Agreed. Sorry for the high horse remark.

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Or get to Beckenham or forest hill or crystal palace (loads of gyms mate) need another high street food store imo. Like for like

A gym would be better than an empty building, but it would be even better, I think, if we could have an M&S food store, or our Co-op back.

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Whilst a good quality food store would be nice - as would a restaurant/bar or, what used to stand on the site, a cinema - the building has stood empty for a long time. There was informed talk a while back that a “discount retailer” was about to sign off on the site. I don’t know why that didn’t happen but I think that as long as the gym looks smart and clean it will give a better lift to the high street than a big pound shop and we already have several good independent pound shops anyway.

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And better than an empty shop with the lights left on!

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Sure why don’t you include the whole of South East London while you’re at it!? Sydenham has a population of nearly 30,000 people. 2 Gyms would not be overkill. The problem with this spot is it’s empty… A gym would definitely be used and is better than the alternatives of a pawnbroker, pound shop, bookie or national food chain which wouldn’t benefit the area. Those wanting clothes stores are deluded… Are there any clothes stores doing well now when we can get so much online? With rent prices overinflated it’s hard to know what kind of shop would sustain itself.

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It is and may stay a dream, but…some Waitrose :slight_smile:?

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