The Fox pub - Sky banner taken down


Wonder why. ?!


It’s such a lovey building - looks so much better without a drooping Sky banner attached to its frontage


Yes it a wonderful building. Is it a freehouse or tied in with a brewery?


It would be wonderful if it was smartened up a bit.

I’ve lived here 3 years but only gone in once. It’s never felt very welcoming.


It would certainly be a target for one of the new pub brands acquiring new sites. In Honor Oak Park “The Chandos” have done a fab job turning the pub around.


Right to say its not very welcoming. A goldmine for any developer to do a turnaround. The garden area is huge and beautiful. I am just shocked it hasn’t been snapped up already. High street buildings is listed by English Heritage but sadly the Fox missed out on being listed.

Have been a few times and found the bar staff very freidnly.


Maybe the owners don’t want to move on…

Kirk dale is lovely but I think it’s not particularly affluent so not very appealing to developers ? Be interesting to see what happens at the windmill!