Taking Back Time: Celebrating St. Bartholomew's Restoration

Join us to celebrate the work now being done at St. Bartholomew’s to restore the wonderful and unique Benjamin Vulliamy clock and upper levels of the church, in a series of events from 29th June to 7 July.
29th June: The Queen’s Six - resident singers at Windsor Castle - offer a unique a cappella repertoire from austere early chant, lewd madrigals and haunting folk songs, to upbeat Jazz and Pop. £15 includes a glass of prosecco, canapes and ‘Royal’ supper
4 July: The Vulliamy Clock Talk - Keith Scobie-Youngs, foremost expert on turret clocks, talks to us about our clock and the history of the Vulliamy family. £10, including glass of wine and as much cheese as you like.
6 July: South London Jazz Orchestra fill the church with fun-filled sound and wonderful jazz. Dancing in the aisles optional. £12 includes ‘syncopated’ supper.
7 July: Time for Art - an afternoon of drop-in-and-out workshops for any level of experience - or none. Drawiing, painting, plaster work, jewellery, glass painting, you name it. Donations only towards materials and light refreshments.
7 July: The Art of Time - a wonderful talk by Charles Pickstone - back by popular demand. £10 includes light supper and a glass of wine.
Tickets and information on our website HERE


Welcome to SE26.life, @gd2698, and thanks for sharing.

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These sound like great events. Is the Time for Art suitable for families/children?

Yes - Time for Art is perfect for families and children! We have special crafts just for them and some of the ‘adult’ ones are also perfect for older children. There should be more than enough to keep them happy!

Thanks - I will be going to this. Jane S.