Sydenham's Best Newcomer 2018: Ignition Brewery


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Congratulations to Ignition Brewery, voted Best Newcomer 2018:

  • Artisan Kidz, Kirkdale
  • Bottlecave, Sydenham Road
  • Ignition Brewery, Sydenham Centre
  • Nandos, Cobbs Corner
  • Poodle Club, Sydenham Road
  • The Greyhound, Kirkdale
  • UR-iD, Sydenham Road

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Was a very difficult one for me! Wish I could’ve had 3 votes!!


A bit early for artisan kidz. They are open now but not for long


We’ll add Zigghy Cafe to next year’s poll :shushing_face:


Congratulations Ignition Brewery! :trophy:


A very worthy winner, well done Ignition brewery