Sydenham Station Defibrillator

Well done @JMLF for chasing this and getting this life-saving device replaced:



Yes well done. I didn’t even know it had gone missing. But I don’t use Twitter and I guess it’s one of those things you don’t notice till you need it and it’s not there. What had happened to it? Not quite sure why it was Sydenham Society’s job either - or which of the 1000+ members of the Society should have taken it up, but I’m glad you did. Very well done and a big thank you for your persistence in pursuing the issue for the benefit of all us residents.

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Thanks Mary - I guess I thought maybe Sydenham Society would be more involved as they were made aware of it by myself pretty constantly from the off via twitter (which they semi regularly use) and they may have taken an interest in this on behalf of the community as an important issue as they have for other things they have deemed important (eg: greyhound, post office). Throw in their recent project to improve the station with posters/flowerbeds etc it would very much make sense that this would come under that ongoing(?) project lead by the society.

Just glad it’s back for anyone that might urgently need it!

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