Sydenham Police On Patrol

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PCSO Peter covered a total of 27km today! He has assisted an elderly member of the community home via cab who had been harassed by younger male. Spoken to a known shoplifter and someone begging on Sydenham Road. He has also picked up a large cannabis plant! #goodday

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Today the team have done a total of 60000 steps covering over 40km between us we have covered every road on the ward #SaferNeighbourhoods


The team are patrolling the ward and are visiting areas that we have had recent reports of anti social behaviour and drug taking.

We couldn’t see much from our vantage point on High Level Drive!

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PC Jonathan & PCSO Aaron of MPS Bellingham have been joined by PC Hannah of MPS Sydenham for mobile patrol.

Joint patrols of SE6 & SE26 resulted in four stop & searches under Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Two in Bell Green and two in Peak Hill.

We continue to patrol pro-actively :police_car::hiking_boot: :policewoman: :policeman:

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The team are out patrolling the ward today and will be visiting lots of the shops on Sydenham Road to discuss how we can effectively work together to prevent shoplifting and catch those who do steal. #partnershipwork #crimeprevention