Sydenham Mural Planning [2018]



I have a risk assessment document somewhere. I’ll find it for you guys and copy / paste.

Loads of artist are willing to paint for free if they are provided a legal space and all their expenses are covered. This doesn’t apply to Lionel’s work as that will be a commissions. Once we get this going I can update you about which International artists are due to visit London, in addition to providing a list of local artists.

Leaflets (once they are ready) I can hand out to people who join my street art tours. I also have 37k followers on my Instagram with a relevant audience so I can post the e-leaflet on my IG too.


To continue publicity of the project and an attempt to get as many people in the know, I have managed to secure a small spot in the Sydenham assembly quarterly newsletter to spread word to people who do not use twitter/forums much etc :slight_smile:

I hope it will go out at a prime time either before the design vote (ideally!) or if not, hopefully at least before the crowdfunder goes live.

I am planning for to send out a basic “spec” this week with a current 2-week deadline for applications (any input for this timeline being changed let me know if feel this is too short/unfeasible, but I’m hoping/thinking this continues the pace of the project with regards to chatter/excitement rather than 1 month of nothing and things waning off)

Nelly - I’ll message you but thanks for your input to date and experience/knowledge - any extra money over the aim will have to be decided perhaps between already established local groups, however there are some issues that come along with this so one option that will be discussed will be if the cost of the commission will be capped or slightly open ended with extra going elsewhere.


Spec ready to go out shortly!..

Teresa (and others!) I’m terms of flyering/posters, I think another meeting perhaps to work out what would be best and when - part of me thinks doing all that after the voting in the week leading up to the crowdfunder but I’m not sure if that’s being a bit naive/thinking that a lot of people already are aware of the project through word of mouth, forums, twitter and soon Sydenham newsletter…!!! Thoughts?! A nice question mark up on the wall with a slogan or twitter underneath in the meantime but I think people want to see what the design is etc before really being invested to some extent?!..



Solid thinking on both a meeting and on in-situ posters.

Perhaps a fly poster with a question mark plus a website/twitter address link and a bar-code/QR Code permitting a scanned link.

Would create all sorts of options to display potential designs and marked locations.


Good idea. The iPhone camera app now automatically detects QR codes (and I think Androids may do so too), which means people can use them very easily.


So here it is, the specification!

The location:
Sydenham station approach which runs from the main station entrance to the high street - between WC and Station.

Type of mural:
Typography based large statement piece
Must incorporate “Sydenham”, “SE26” or a variation (e.g.: SydEnham26)
Bright colours - up to the chosen artist’s discretion to ultimately produce 2 colour schemes for voting by public (If useful - overgroundesque colours or greens to represent the wealth of parkland nearby have been suggested by a few)

Size of mural:
Height ranges from approx 7ft to 10ft (the pavement gradually slopes downward from the WC)
Width either approx 35ft (3 panels) or 48ft (4 panels)

Please contact me for any more specific measurements you would like ( or message on twitter @sydenhamural)

Surface: Non flat in part with some natural “frames” / edges to use

Budget: Up to £2000

Other bits:
All artists need Public Liability Insurance to meet Network Rail’s brief

Please provide a brief bio and/or examples of your work alongside costing, what this includes (e.g.: A set period of time whereby the artist will undertake any touch ups if damage/fading occurs to the piece) and a rough estimate of when the piece could be done (bearing in mind up to 4 weeks of crowdfunding will occur from around mid/end March)

There is a WC on the road for public use for the artist

Enquiry for special parking permits are taking place, however if not possible, the bays directly outside the mural location are for “20 mins” only which can be used for drop offs/pick-ups and permanent non-permit required locations are available nearby and will be organised to be reserved as close as possible to the site.

So, if you know an artist who’d be willing to commit to this project, please ask them for a Sydenham tailored mock-up, a quote and estimated date of completion.

The Deadline for submissions is Monday 12th March, after which voting will take place. Submissions to be sent to

Cannot wait to start the crowdfunder and make the Sydenham Mural a reality and depending on the success of this project there is scope for another potential commissioned piece and/or exposure through non-commissioned pieces at conformed permissiones locations around the station.

If there are no applicants, then there may be some movements in the deadline or the spec going forward.

Kind regards and keep spreading the word!


Fab work Jon!! Yes lets meet up. I am planning head to the Greyhound on Friday so maybe see you there? I think we will need to dedicate some time to putting up posters and handing out flyers at the station during rush hour to promote @sydenhamural and the crowdfunding plan. Be good to get heads together to design the flyers content.



I’ll be at The Greyhound between about 5.15 and 6.30/7.00. Will be there with a couple of friends and only staying a little as have people coming over for dinner who have a wee one so avoiding a happily rammed pub for dinner! Feel free to join/come say hello if around :slight_smile: I’ll organise a few dates and the majority who can make one that’ll be it :slight_smile:


Cool…yes will come and say hi Jon :slight_smile: be good to get that date in. I am happy to put myself forward to flyer the station during rush hour.


Hello everyone,
This is a brilliant idea. I just found out about the mural initiative though I live literally across this wall. I am a filmmaker/artist myself so would love to help in anyone possible. I can drop by to Greyhound for a drink too. Let me know what time/date you guys meeting there.


Not quite a “eureka” moment, but whilst looking for something related to Perry Vale - found this image which should be immediately recognised as being potentially copyright to Forest Hill Society.


It is an image embedded in their “Forest Hill Urban Design Framework and Development Strategy” to be found at :

With a restatement of every caveat uttered in my post #84 about my zero artistic senses - this may in fact be a representation of the site, pre-Greyhound.

I cannot verify the image’s provenance or accuracy.


Hi just to say NGS Signwriting are based and running a training studio in Regent House, Kirkdale. I would be happy to lend a hand. My feeling is the letter forms need to come from this immediate area and reflect the heritage and new culture of Sydenham. I used that theme on the side wall of The Greyhound last week. Check out what I do here

Best NG


The work you do is absolutely beautiful. Would be over the moon if you were to consider putting in a submission for the mural should it be of interest/fit with your work (ie:the specifications). Do let us know!!!


Fab work Nick!! Be great to see you submit :slight_smile:


Hi Jonathan
Thanks for yr email… nice way to start the day off! Enjoy the new pub! I Lived in Sydenham firstly in 71 and recently since running NGS here, so I do have a feel for the setting so to speak.

The design hinges on a few benchmarks the first in my mind alongside content, is aspect and location because this has a direct affect on the tonal and colour values of the design.

I am checking archive typefaces of the area at moment.


Ok will do a bit of type roundup, NG


Hi all, Could you fwd the link for submission many thanks. NG NB Have a stunning concept on the slate at the moment for this one.


Submission details here:

Looking forward to seeing the concept!


Location Location - Long wall, Sydenham station approach.
I know the wall very well and while it’s a strong visual location it is an absolute beast and frankly unstable. The condition of the wall pointing isn’t good and it will need a couple of sealer coats, plus min of 2 coats of base coat paint and because it’s not been pointed damp and eroded areas will re-appear after it’s completed. So that’s 4 times what we are looking at in terms of base painting alone. The stepped ‘returns’ into the framing will cause a bit of havoc with visual readability also. It is also virtually impossible to commit to touching up because certain areas will kick up damp and attract mould due to it’s poor condition etc. Deciding on the right location for a panel that will last will be essential. On another point the wall serves commuters and not the majority of the community and those that roll through Sydenham every day. Of the 10,000 people that drive through Sydenham each day, virtually none will see this location. It’s actually a beautiful wall but one of the least capable of serving the majority of the audience putting Sydenham on the map creatively. These are the fundamental concerns I have.

Sydenham Mural - Site Location and Condition Assessment

Hi Jon

Well done for getting the brief done and out there. Have emailed a couple of artists that I know! I’m really sorry I can 't make The Greyhound this Friday, but do keep me in mind for any further help you might need, flyers, fund raising etc!
Hope to catch up with you all soon.