Sydenham Mural Planning [2018]



I totally agree all or nothing the way forward. Would be lovely to beat target and have more money in the pot to go towards other projects :+1:


Good to meet everyone on Tuesday. Will be accompanying Jon on 12th and will get a few more ‘muralist’ contacts which might be helpful.


So it’s a week until the meeting with NR and I’d quite like to hit the ground running with regards to the specifications of the artwork (provided the location gets a sign off).

So I’m asking (please!!) for ideas about:
“Sydenham” vs “SE26”

What theme/idea should the art represent - examples so far have ranged from the great north wood, the greyhound, green spaces, the canal which used to be here to no images and simple colourful typography.

Possible colour scheme (there may not be any colours associated with Sydenham but if a lot of people feel one colour would brighten up/fit in well then this could lead)

Obviously there will hopefully be a whole host of ideas/wants and I’ll try to collate them into a functional and appropriate spec which will include the location/size/budget (any ideas for cost/budget/fundraiser total too please - as a yardstick FH’s mural is around £2000) and once okayed, this will go off to local artists to submit a design along with a brief bio.

Any additional thoughts please do post on the forum or email and please continue to spread the word @sydenhamural on twitter or other means.

Hopefully hear back from a fair few of you!!



Hi Jon

Great work and good idea to get ideas rolling. I was looking at one of the potential sites the other day and it’s different recesses and was thinking the chosen artist could potentially incorporate “SE26” into “Sydenham” with the S and E of Sydenham and 26 at end in different colours / fonts. Some of the railway fonts and pullman train fonts look great.

S Y D E N H A M 2 6

I don’t think people naturally associate Sydenham with a canal or the history of the Great North Wood per say but agree an association with green spaces, of which the area is blessed would be a good idea. Perhaps the Crystal Palace tower featuring too as it can be seen from everywhere in the area.




Or maybe

S Y D E N H A M 2 6

Interesting idea, @RedSE26 :+1:

I’d definitely like to see the word “Sydenham” in the mural. Will create a sense of place.


I was thinking exactly the latter one Chris, Could not see the bold on here :slight_smile:

I agree Sydenham needs to be the main word re sense of place and would look very cool with the 26 too I think!


Love it! If alright with you I’ll snapshop, crop and repost that here so I can easily copy/use it on Sydenham town forum and twitter to get people responding/talking? So say if think better leave be for a few days for people to reply/generate ideas but I quite like taking that and keeping the bal rolling with lots of ideas posted across the place over next week…




Is there certainty that all residents who have an SE26 postcode concur that they live in Sydenham.


Unfortunately there will always be some anomalies to the rule JGD but SE26 is definitely Sydenham/associated with Sydenham as SE23 is forest hill etc. The borders go up to nearer Forest hill high street/station then Sydenham station in some places and nearer Penge East station then Sydenham station also. Some may decide where they are dependent on which area they prefer, is more value to their property etc or even borough (I’m se26 and nearer to Sydenham high street, but nearest to Penge East station and in bromley so maybe officially Penge? [No idea really but consider myself Sydenham]


Elegantly argued and embraced an important point.

It would be difficult if you were separating yourself from a constuency that did not agree what its name was.

Happy to have any chat in advance of your NR meeting.


I think the things that make us stand out are relatively few, but green space is certainly one of our best features- woods, parks, the river walk and i agree that the view up the hill to the mast at CP defines us a bit- though that view could equally be A nerly, Penge, S Norwood so not very distinctive etc. I dont like the Greyhound idea myself as it is a new pub despite its history and also the greyhounds of Catford are “taken” (ie on the railway bridge)- rightly as lots of us associate Catford with the dogtrack, so it could end up looking like we are just copying them and confusing people… I do like the Sydenham SE26 idea as it is slightly different to the other signs. In terms of font i think all the older railway signs and carriage livery look great so I think maybe just something different colour-wise to Catford/Forest Hill but in the same style?


Love the Sydenham SE26 idea. How about making the main colours green as a reflection of our green spaces?


Go for it. I’m sure the Sydenham Society would back it and publicise it.

I’m all for lots of art/murals, I see this as just the start.

I’m up for anything as long as it’s good and looks like it belongs to the places it’s painted.


Thanks for the ongoing feedback and involvement!
Tricky as it is to have a fairly narrow specification whilst allowing the artist creative freedom the plan will be to collate any ideas that have been well supported by others or have popped up time and time again and use them as preferences/guidance. If there aren’t a huge amount of similar ideas/likes around a central thought then I’m not going to bombard the artists with a hodgepodge of different ideas which would be unhelpful and may even result in a single idea they have taken in that only one person likes/suggested!

Hopefully that makes sense and I haven’t just made a word vomit out of my thoughts!

Ps: if you haven’t already please try and follow/retweet on twitter etc :grimacing::blush:


Found a web page re my reference to Pullman font earlier with different examples. Maybe worth starting up a pinterest mood board with images to send to artist?


Hey Teresa - That Pullman font appears the same or very similar to proposed signs a few years ago by designsbygoodpeople / Lee Newham who was/is active on the other forum. Good taste! :wink:

I’m not sure about a Pinterest/mood board purely from the point of view if I were an artist / street artist I would want creative freedom and not be sent a load of ideas, types/fonts etc.

I think I’d prefer just to send over a spec without visuals eg: bold typeface, clean lines with a preference for a classical slant that befits the Victorian wall / station approach.

Just an example but thoughts?..

Only real common theme across all suggestions from forums and personal mails so far have been “green” with a few people liking the sydenham26 with bold SE idea :slight_smile:


Here are the images I just mentioned from the “what if Sydenham”:

(Obviously but different as these are advertising and would go through a process with council etc and would likely have been paid for by the companies etc)



Totally understand re mood board. Everyone has their own tastes and likes and it could confuse things. On reflection I agreee. It will be interesting to see what the artist comes up with :smile: :+1:


Teresa (or anyone else!) - if any knowledge of local decent cheap (Hopefully) places for poster/flyers printing be lovely if you could pass on! Just gathering info regardless of if flyer and/or posters etc. Have contacted sydenhamfilm club and spontaneous productions who regularly produce these things in/around Sydenham but no replies yet!