Sydenham MP Ellie Reeves facing de-selection

I’d be interested to hear from the local party members who triggered this action:

Ellie Reeves (right) with her sister and fellow Labour MP, Rachel. Credit: PA Images

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The cynic in me wonders whether this is also triggered by her being pregnant??Correlation does not mean causation as I learnt in my studies but within today’s climate…
Vote of no confidence for signing something which 120 others had also put their name behind? More time spent on party politics than actual politics.
Anyway don’t like discussing politics on forum but these matters just push certain buttons… No links to any parties.

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No surprise after Momentum members in Liverpool Wavertree de-selected Luciana Berger when she was pregnant, so are doing the same to Ellie Reeves.

While Labour aren’t in favour with me at the moment, Ellie does a great job since she replaced Jim Dowd.

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Probably the same fringe elements that responded to the news with glee. e.g.:

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Well I think we can all agree this isn’t right at all. It’s not a done deal though, and the “elements” who instigated this chose the wrong target:

Ellie: “Before being elected to Parliament I worked as an employment rights lawyer. During this period, I encountered countless examples of women being demoted or dismissed after returning from maternity leave, employers placing unnecessary barriers on staff for flexible working and women being paid less than men for doing work of equal value.

These issues are so pervasive in our working environments that I started my own legal business providing affordable legal advice to women facing maternity and sex discrimination at work.”


This is so wrong. Ellie Reeves is a fantastic constituency MP who helped enormously when my son needed to move out of mainstream education.

I left the Labour Party a couple of years ago having been a life long member. I had been thinking about rejoining so that I am a member whenever there is an election for the leadership.

This is truly awful.


All this is on the basis 1 email from one member and that story for some reason doesn’t include the response from the party

Front page, today’s Evening Standard:

It appears the story been exaggerated by the media and more recent articles suggest that the party is standing behind Ellie