Sydenham Brewery crowdfunding for bar/shop


Local brewer ignition beer (hidden at the back of the Sydenham Centre) who do wonderful work by hiring people with Learning Disabilities to learn skills/get paid the London living wage etc. are looking for funding to have an amazing sounding bar/shop right at the brewery opening through to the high street (bifolding doors - fancy!). The project in part will hope to give more jobs and skills (e.g.: money skills at the til, computer/service skills whilst taking orders from tables) to those with a Learning Disability.

Great cause, would be an amazing addition to the high street.

Look and contribute if you can!


A brilliant idea and good share, Jon :+1:


Over 3/4 of the way there…
The last crowdfunder I supported didn’t make it, so hoping positive news for this one :grin:


Can this be shared on too? Should help boost the coffers.

Really hope it works out for them.


Good idea. In fact @JMLF has already done so:

We have Nick Hewer to thank for sharing with his 230,000+ followers on Twitter:

I reckon this might have moved the needle somewhat!


Over £19,000! 95% funded and less than £1000 to go with over half the campaign left to run. Absolutely wonderful to hear not only people are invested in helping out the community / Learning Disabilities but also great to imagine the number of people who have now heard about the beer/organisation to hopefully support their mantra of “the more beer we sell, the more jobs we can provide”.

It’s flexible funding so anything (above and beyond the aim) donated/put forward for “rewards” up until early June gets put forward towards the project.

Job well done all!!


Looks like work is starting on the crowdfunded taproom/bar at the bottom of the Sydenham Centre/on the high street :slight_smile:

Looking forward to cashing in my tab!