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I’ll kick off with a few of my recent snaps:

The high street - always look up :slight_smile:

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Wells Park has to be a contender. Here’s mine from a week or so ago. Top work, and thank you Glendale!


OK so I may not have take this photo myself, but it does have a certain appeal, it has to be said…


New Nando’s fit out started ?




@chrisbeach - what is it about Bell Green? Smartphone doesn’t do it justice, but the sky is a real spectacle at the moment:




Great work, Nick:




The long nights as we approach the solstice can be hard, but it does mean you can see beautiful sunsets like this without staying out late! (Plus a walk in the woods is sure to lift your mood!)



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Snowy Sydenham pics please! :snowflake:


The snow last week briefly transformed the glade! It also settled well on the mossy logs! Our brilliant London Wildlife Trust volunteers were happy to keep working despite the cold!

Did you get out in the wood in the snow? We’d love to see your photos!



This beautiful shot of a great spotted woodpecker was taken by volunteer Joe Disco. “Great spots” can be heard drumming throughout the wood right now, especially on the Dulwich Wood borders. Drumming is their version of a “song” as it attracts mates and marks territory!