Facebook Group

What’s the Facebook group please? Is this the same as the private group, or is one open to all to view? Thanks.

I think @SydenhamSteph was referring to the Facebook page (run by me), which is here:

It’s open (as far as we can be on Facebook) so that any Facebook member can comment on posts and share them


Thanks @anon3821395 and @SydenhamSteph That’s great to know. I had recently become aware (via another post on SE26.Life) about a Sydenham Facebook group but had been unable to view it as it’s a closed/private group. I had forgotten - if I ever knew - about the open SE26.Life one. Great to have this resource.

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Glad it’s useful.

The limitation of ours is that it’s a Page as opposed to a Group, which means that Facebook members cannot create new topics on it.

Our Facebook page is intended to curate topics from the forum for sharing and discussion on FB.

I can’t see the discussion Steph refers to. What am I doing wrong please?

Hi Mary, on our Facebook Page, it should show in the comments section of our most recent post. Here’s a direct link: