SE26 Enterprise Club Meetup at Ignition Brewery


A group of us are in the early stages of planning a small business / enterpreneurial enterprise club in SE26. Topics to cover include: Marketing, social media, time management, accounting / financing services, and other related topics of interest. We have secured free meeting space at Ignition Brewery for the trial period.

Would love to hear from others who are interested in joining us and ideas for other topics to cover. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone!


Sounds interesting, would be up for lending any support on marketing & social media if required


When I lived in North London there was a small meetup group called “Cocoa Club” designed for entrepreneurs and creatives.

We met every month and after a few drinks and ice-breaker games, there was a focus group session, where individual members of the group would stand up and describe a particular challenge they were facing in their business. They’d talk for five minutes, and then the floor would be opened so the rest of the meet-up group could give them helpful suggestions.

The moderator noted the suggestions on a flip chart, and the presenter took the flip chart sheet home with them.

Simple idea but worked really well and was very helpful to me when I was creating a startup at the time.

Best of luck with Enterprise Club, @ljones427 :+1:

Hi Richard - we would love to have your help! Is there an email or number I can contact you on? We are looking at our first meet up on Friday February 8th! Thanks!

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If you would like any advice about social media, ppc, websites etc, I work for Yell and would be happy to help


Hi l, I would be up for coming along to this if that’s ok

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Sure. You can contact me at

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That would be great! We would love to have you. First one is scheduled for Friday Feb 8th at 2:30pm at the Ignition Brewery Tap Room


Just sent you a Facebook message! Thanks!

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Hi folks,
This sounds excellent! Count me in please.
I run a local web services agency called Splendid Webs. We’re based opposite Ignition Brewery :slight_smile:


I run small company dealing with bookkeeping and we have reasonable priced accountant working with us(
Happy to help with this aspect.

I would be interested in the first 30 minutes, but then I need to run to collect kids from school…

We need help with social media…


Looking forward to meeting you all on Friday!

Thought you might find this useful - I’m running some free training for small businesses and charities on cyber/online security on 19th Feb. In association with Lewisham Local.

Here’s the link to the booking (its free but spots are limited). Feel free to ask me questions about it either here or on Friday at the meetup.

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This is great Stu! Look forward to meeting you!

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Thanks Laura for organising this, I had a good time and am looking forward to the next one. Still think the poster looks good :wink:, Nahid


HI Nahid - for some reason my email to you bounced. Could you email me on so I can send you the write up from Friday? Jaryscia if you would like to receive the emails please let me know.




Missed this. Would be interested in the next one. Do keep us posted

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Hi everyone -

For those that are interested, we will have very regular meetings at Ignition Brewery (March 8th, 22nd and 29th from 14:30-16:00) To avoid posting here all the time, please send me a PM and I can add you to our mailing list or search for “SE26 Enterprise Hub” on Facebook and join the conversation! I have just sent out an email this morning so if you haven’t received it please let me know!

Hi Cormac - just posted below!

Hi there Jarcysia - are you on the mailing list?

Does not look like- can you please add me with mail

Also, could the meetings be at lunch time by any chance? I have to collect kids hence leave at 14.45 latest…

I am sure that there are more people with kids who would love to join you, but have to be parents as well.

Kind regards,