Predictions for new shop on Knighton Park Road

Predictions… This would be a perfect spot for a brunch cafe in Knighton Park Road

It’s got “estate agents” written all over it

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I reckon considering KFH have not opened their branch near the station for over a year the market isn’t good enough to staff even though they are renting and have kitted our the space.

My guess would be small supermarket like a Sainsbury’s local although I think actually a nice accessible cafe/bar would work great.

I hear Blackbird Bakery are considering Sydenham as their next location. Could this be it? Fits in very well.

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I think so too…

I thinks that’s v old rumour sadly

This came from a friend in real estate who deals with commercial rentals inside of Sydenham.

He heard it only last week! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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