Poll: Your opinion on the new road blocks eg Bishopsthorpe Road

Very nicely put together article that, whilst ideological, actually discusses concrete proposals.

However, I couldn’t see anything in there about how commercial traffic would work. Did I miss something? How would shops be restocked if we replace cars with busses and bikes? How would deliveries work? And how would emergency services work?

Well the roads are all still there just with fewer lanes, so I presume you’d be able to use them for deliveries and emergency services.
Obviously the article is somewhat provocative and a thought experiment, but they should probably have mentioned that.

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I personally think these are good initiatives. I live one block north of Mayow Park so am local. are a start to help all different types of residents/commuters. I am a driver, walker (alone and with a baby in a pram), and cyclist. I’ve noticed an appreciable difference in the behaviour of vehicles near the Silverdale/Bishopsthorpe blockages and also increased used of bikes/scooters. I also like the planting. It’s a shame to see one of the planters has already been knocked down on Silverdale; although I haven’t been past in the last day or two to see if it’s been fixed. I hope it will be.

What a great article, thanks for sharing. I’ve not seen that integration of dynamic images before.

Chris - there was something in the text about commercial vehicles:

PAU’s proposal would not ban all motor vehicles, just privately owned cars. There would still be delivery trucks, paratransit, emergency vehicles, and taxicabs and rideshare cars, if you needed them.

I’ve not been to the States but I’ve lived in Australia and the UAE briefly. The cities in those countries are totally designed around private car use and are - in my opinion - a disaster because of it. I may be naive but I think, due to modern media, the general public can absorb a more detailed argument. Rather than sneak this through on the back of a pandemic, I would like to hear the council be honest with the community about purposefully making driving harder because it will improve health, safety, environment, social cohesion etc.


When I’m driving it is annoying as I’d often use this route to avoid traffic on the main street. When I am cycling, I am fond of the freedom I get in those streets to sit on my bike and mess about with no hands etc. And for the lack of cars. The placing feels peculiar but if it gets too annoying to drive short journeys more people may cycle. As annoying as it is initially, all changes of this nature are and overall I think it is good for most. If I was living where I used to I’d be annoyed about Silverdale because that’s a good back way to forest Hill and lewisham. I suppose if there’s a lot of traffic almost stationary from Congesyion, then maybe the idea could do with tweaking because that will make more pollution in the area, and more concentrated too.

Thanks for pointing me toward this. I didn’t notice the exemptions.

Given that commercial traffic would still be allowed, I think the idealised imagery of streets full of walkers and cyclists is a little misleading. In NYC, every other vehicle is a cab. Things really wouldn’t change that much.

Good question. There seems to be a lot of knee jerk behaviour here by the council, so I find it hard trust their promises about “temporary” measures or “consultations” later on.

It’ll certainly be illuminating if they do run consultations and publish the results.

Thanks to our followers on Twitter for drawing our attention to several organisations petitioning London councils to reverse these measures. The number of signatures suggest widespread unhappiness with the measures:

Lewisham (1684 signatures)

South Row (1350 signatures)

One Dulwich

One Oval

To block roads without consultation is not how a democracy works. Doing so to get people to walk or cycle is silly; and manipulative. I just had to drive further to avoid the unexpected roadblock. I’d suggest local people just drag them out of the way. This is OUR home and we elect and pay these people to make it better for us. To do that they have to ask us what we want. Doesn’t sound like that happened here so the change has no reason to be there as far as I’m concerned.

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I did a U-turn! This is beyond silly and unless someone can show me where this was voted for by residents, I’d suggest removal; by residents if need be.

I have no opinion on the road blocks but democracy isn’t about individual citizens voting for everything a council does. It’s about citizens voting for councillors who then do as they believe (at least in theory) what’s in the best interests for the citizens as a whole. Also not everything the council does should be consulted upon ( otherwise very little would get done )

Agree with that, although I think zero sum policies (like road closures) should be consulted on. Otherwise the council is arbitrarily choosing winners and losers.

I am pleased to see the road blocks but its pretty clear this has not been thought through properly. The bollard on silverdale was renoved yesterday. Bishopsthorpe is much nicer now and kids can play on it but the traffic has not disappeared! Other roads are now more congested - particularly Mayow and Sydenham Road. I don’t know what the solution is as much of the traffic is passing through the area and will come whatever happens. However, there needs to be more thought and consultation before doing things like this. First I knew about the scheme was then the road was blocked!

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Here’s an example of a more appropriate road closure, which barely affects transport, and massively helps local businesses:

More of this please!

Interesting little snippet in Private Eye magazine, particularly the quote from Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, mother of Ella, whose tragic death was linked to air pollution:

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