Plans for Citizens Advice Bureau to become a Mamma Dough restaurant [Confirmed]



From the Lewisham Planning Portal 18/105882

Update: confirmed below that this is an application from Mamma Dough (sourdough pizza chain)


Great news! I think a Mamma Dough would be good there!


Mamma dough sounds excellent to me. But I thought this was where Nandos was going to open. Not sure if the old Bridal shop and CAB are linked or staying as two separate entities.


Perhaps Bridal shop and CAB are being kept separate as this is the notice on old Bridal shop

Apologies shall try to get a better picture later this week. In the dark it looked ok


It’s definitely a Mama Dough Application. Take a look at the service management plan below. Great news for Kirkdale and Sydenham if this is granted!


Ah yes! Excellent news!

Mamma Dough went down extremely well in Honor Oak:


Really exciting, positive news.


Visited HOP location a few times. Delicious delicious pizza. Bit like Bona in terms of type of pizza but with addition of more “exotic” options I would say from what I remember (I think exotic is a nice way of saying unique/odd/different - I don’t mean everything has mango and pineapple on!)

Can’t wait if this follows through and think KFH opening alongside the Nando’s/mamma dough units (and refit/alterations to blue mountain/cobbs corner cafe) would really transform that area in terms of look/feel. The Greyhound alone has made such a difference already.


Is there a refit of the blue mountain?


See: Blue Mountain Cafe refit


There’s hoarding up around both sites so looks like it’s all going ahead


It’s official! :slight_smile:


Amazing! Mamma Dough has been so good for Honor Oak and Ladywell. Can’t wait to try the new branch!

Thanks for sharing :+1:


Very exciting: