Payless. What's Going On?



Payless, Kirkdale :grimacing:

My fellow curtain twitchers. Have you noticed the “floral” aromas around this shop, the premium German Autos parked precariously on the pavement, the parties?

For now, all harmless fun and games, but at the same time, creating a difficult environment for neighbouring businesses and residents, and I worry about what’s going on behind the scenes.

@MPSSydenham, are your officers aware?


Not sure myself, especially as never have the need to use the shop but what people have reported essentially suggests:

  • It only opens in the very late evenings/early mornings (11pm - 7am)
  • Its not always open at these times as people have walked past at midnight/1am and it’s closed
  • People are concerned regarding what you have mentioned but also the deterioration of food/storage of items leading to possible health and safety issues (eg: rats). As a result at least one person has contacted the environmental agency.

As said have no idea myself but thought I’d summarise some of the reported information out there for the benefit of this on the forum.


Thanks JMLF.

For everyone that needs a punnet of satsumas at 3AM :thinking: