On The Hoof Bistro



Great atmosphere in OTH this afternoon :thumbsup:

Also, love the way they cook their jacket potatoes (hassleback). This tasted as good as it looks!


I have been a fan for a long time. Just wish they’d do their evening menu at lunch time.
Ela and Jeremy are dedicated owners and have extended the success of their station coffee shops to the bistro which has excellent music nights around once a month.


We celebrated Christmas :christmas_tree: today with an amazing dinner at On The Hoof. 10 out of 10!!! Feeling v stuffed now though!


I’ve always had great food and great coffee at on the hoof. Big props to the management for the high quality produce used (at least looks, feels and tastes it!) and the staff who always seem friendly and hard-working at peak times.

Would be great if they opened for dinner (maybe even just Friday through Sunday) but I assume this was trialled when it opened (I seem to remember it being open evenings) and wasn’t worth the time/income. Maybe they might trial again as the market seems to have changed over the past 2 years - e.g.: the greyhound is normally fairly busy for dinner during the week and packed at weekends