OLSPN minutes of Mayor & Cabinet 10 July

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 at 6.30 pm

PRESENT: Damien Egan (Mayor), Chris Best, Chris Barnham, Paul Bell, Kevin Bonavia,
Joe Dromey, Brenda Dacres, Amanda De Ryk and Jonathan Slater.
ALSO PRESENT: Councillor Tom Copley.
Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Andre Bourne and Councillor Joani

  1. Declaration of Interests
    None were made.

  2. Minutes
    RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on June 26 2019 be
    confirmed and signed as a correct record.

  3. Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies
    Response to Sydenham Society on Our Lady and St Philip Neri School
    The submission that had unanimously been agreed by the Sydenham
    Assembly was introduced by Annabel McLaren, the Chair of the Sydenham
    Society. She tabled a document setting out the Society’s concerns relating to
    the breach of the original planning conditions and called for the drawing up of
    a separate legal document which ensures that required works were urgently
    completed. She was supported by Julia Webb who agreed that it was
    important that a solution was agreed which ensured the school buildings
    reached completion. They suggested that the developers preference for re-
    cladding of the building with grey pebbledash should be replaced with panels
    faced with slips of London stock brick.

The Director of Planning, Emma Talbot introduced the suggested response
report and confirmed a minor material amendment application was likely to be
considered by a Planning Committee in August. She indicated that in parallel
the authority reserved the right to retain an option for enforcement action.

Dr Hughes, Director of Education, responded on behalf of the Education
Commission of the Archdiocese of Southwark. He stated two public meetings
had strongly supported the application and he claimed the views of the
Sydenham Society were not representative of the wider community. He said
legal advice given to him suggested the minor material amendment
application would bring the building back into line with the original application
and that there was no need for a full application. He claimed the original
scheme was as drawn up by the Borough Architects, but Councillor Bell
pointed out the authority did not have an architects section. Dr Hughes
confirmed Home Park was already the school’s main entrance.

Councillor Paul Bell expressed shock at the apparent belligerent stance
adopted by the Commission. He wondered why no apology had been given
when it was clear the building was not in line with the original planning

Sean McGrath, a Planning consultant for the Education Commission
explained the original consent had not proved buildable and the failure to
identify a safe asbestos free decant option had meant children were on site
during the building process which was a considerable complicating factor. He
said a full apology for the applicant’s failings had been given at a public
meeting in January. He said the Commission were striving to get back to the
original scheme and pointed out London stock bricks had never been
consented with cladding always being intended. In answer to a query from
Councillor Best as to why the cladding promised by architects Pollard Thomas
Edwards had not been delivered, Mr McGrath said the cladding had not been
completed as works had been suspended until the planning situation could be

The Director of Planning stated she believed the Commission’s response
misrepresented legitimate community concerns and that in her opinion the
cladding currently visible on site was unacceptable. She acknowledged some
representations supporting the school had been received.

Local Ward Councillor Tom Copley said he had chaired the Sydenham
Assembly meeting where the reference had been unanimously agreed and he
believed the scheme’s critics were not a small minority of the community.

Councillor Chris Best expressed her severe disappointment with the
implementation of the scheme and indicated her support for the views
emanating from the Sydenham Society.

The Mayor concluded by thanking the Sydenham Assembly and the
Sydenham Society for highlighting this case. He hoped the Commission was
hearing the message that their conduct had been unacceptable and their
response to valid criticisms was very disappointing. He urged the Commission
to engage the wider community in the delivery of an acceptable solution

Having considered an officer report, and a presentations by the Sydenham
Society, the Education Commission of the Archdiocese of Southwark, Ward
Councillors and the Director of Planning, the Mayor and Cabinet

RESOLVED that the contents of the response be approved and reported back
to the Sydenham Assembly.

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