Nominations: Sydenham’s top tweeters

Nominations now closed, and poll has started!


Soon we’ll run a poll to find Sydenham’s favourite Twitter account. :trophy:

Please let us know your nominations so we can create a definitive poll.


  • No business accounts please
  • Must be active (tweeted in last month)
  • Must be primarily Sydenham-focussed


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Can we add Kirkdale Bookshop(@kirkdalebooks I think) - for my money the funniest and loveliest account in the area although very little of he content is to do with SE26 if that is the aim of the poll (in which case may not fit as well). Horniman Heights is also pretty funny but think may be just over the border in SE23

Hi Jon,

This poll is really designed for Sydenham community accounts as opposed to businesses - also the poll has already started, so we can’t change the options now.

How about we start a separate poll for the Sydenham Business with the best social media presence?

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