New to Kirkdale: The Moustache (cafe and gallery)


If anyone has further information please reply and share



Interestingly, nothing on Lewisham’s planning portal for this.

I wonder what it could be? I’ll have a peep in the window when I next pass…



I had to Google as wasn’t sure where 99 Kirkdale is, looks like above the roundabout opposite Mabels?
Will see if any more info/gossip on Twitter and update here accordingly

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We have a sign!

Does anyone have any insider info on this shop?

Here’s the letting advert:

Listed as a Class A1 outlet so seems unlikely to become a restaurant. But it could be a hairdresser that gives you a free glass of wine during your trim. Here’s the alcohol license application:

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Not sure if this has been updated on this site, but had a chat with the owners, they’re the lovely couple behind the former Montage cafe on Dartmouth Road. It will be a similar business, including the famous toy room. Looking forward to visiting when it opens!



Loved the Montage… This will unfortunately not be very accessible to us. Wishing them the best for sure.

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Was my fave coffee shop along with Archie Parker when lived a bit closer to FH. Such a shame it had to go but great they are having a reincarnation and slightly closer to me too! :wink: I’m sure it’ll be a great success for them fingers crossed



Have you visited The Moustache? Let us know your first impressions



Popped into The Moustache for the first time and think it is great! I live very nearby and really chuffed to see a new addition to Kirkdale. Pleased to see they serve beer on tap and a nice selection of wine to go with the lovely cakes and sandwiches…

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