New shop on Knighton Park Road [Yoga Studio Proposed]

Predictions… This would be a perfect spot for a brunch cafe in Knighton Park Road

It’s got “estate agents” written all over it

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I reckon considering KFH have not opened their branch near the station for over a year the market isn’t good enough to staff even though they are renting and have kitted our the space.

My guess would be small supermarket like a Sainsbury’s local although I think actually a nice accessible cafe/bar would work great.

I hear Blackbird Bakery are considering Sydenham as their next location. Could this be it? Fits in very well.

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I think so too…

I thinks that’s v old rumour sadly

This came from a friend in real estate who deals with commercial rentals inside of Sydenham.

He heard it only last week! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Love this! Really think the area is changing in a lot of great ways - spots like these will create a lovely atmosphere for new cafes, shops and other stores to open and meet the demand.

Love Sydenham!

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1 new yoga studio… great! :slightly_smiling_face:
2 new yoga studios… choice! :star_struck:
3 new yoga studios… enough punters to support them all?? :anguished:

Oooops yes James you’re right I think!

Unless I’m all a muddle this (if it happens) will be the 2nd dedicated studio. I can’t seem to think there is a 3rd on the cards (although there are a lot of places in the vicinity that do offer classes eg: the Sydenham centre, the tennis club, the church). What I think might be interesting is what the council say as Dragonfly Yoga were told they had to keep the high street shopfront as retail hence the temporary sparse seating (it’ll have yoga kit on sale and I think maybe a smoothie/juice bar kind of thing). Wonder if the council will also enforce this on this location or different rules secondary to location/size/other.

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Dragonfly is in the ‘core shopping area’ of Sydenham (Silverdale to Mayow Road) where a retail offer has to have a specific percentage against other uses within the area - ‘office - banks, estate agents, accountants etc’. Yoga isn’t ‘retail’ - whereas selling yoga kit and a cafe/juice bar are retail uses of high street space. 138 Sydenham Road is outside the the core area and likely to attract few objections. Planning policies apply to ‘core shopping’ areas.


I think this will be great! I’m loving Dragonfly, but it’s always good to have a bit of healthy competition, and will be great to have a wider variety of classes and timetable. Especially for me as I do shift work! It’s also much nicer than cheap shops or chicken shops. Sydenham could be a yoga village! Can’t wait!


Here’s the planning application:

Documents reveal the only the architect and builders - not the tenant as yet. Anyone have any insight?

I don’t have any special insight, but maybe More Yoga, who previously applied to open on Sydenham Road?

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No idea myself but I’d hazard a guess at another company as moreyoga recently gained a Forest Hill Location (after not being able to secure a Sydenham location). Doesn’t meant they necessarily wouldn’t but that would make two pretty close locations considering the rest of their locations (apart from two near the centre of town/Southwark bridge) are relatively well spread out. Who knows! Glad the space won’t be empty and am sure it’ll be successful as dragonfly seem to be doing well in their first month.

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