New Independent Coffee Roastery

Mont58 is an independent coffee roastery, based in Catford. We roast the very best beans and deliver your fresh coffee, ground or whole beans, through your letterbox.

Our mission to bring fresh, hand roasted, top-quality coffee to people and businesses in our local area. We roast locally and love selling locally!

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use voucher code: HALFPRICE


Lovely stuff! Good luck and lucky for us love coffee lovers! For those who may fancy other locally roasted coffee (guess depends on what you fancy environmentally and taste wise!) just thought would mention that there is also a recently started roastery down the road in Penge. Much less choice than Mont58 and concentrating on being environmental conscious (not that Mont58 isn’t but that’s one of their selling points). See below for details and a snap of one of the two coffees on offer:


Cheers for this, the more great coffee - the better for all of us :). It is great to see a local economy developing where we all care about our produce, the environment and reducing waste. We have recently invested in a very cool smoke elimination system to make sure we don’t pollute the air while roasting.


Great stuff. Yeah, especially with independent local start-ups - the more people aware, the more word of mouth and the more chance of survival!

Can’t wait to try you out. Thanks for sharing

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