New application for yoga studio



Location: High Street, Zanara Court commercial space (just next to bottlecave and opposite on the hoof give or take)

It’s for Dragonfly Yoga who have one location in Brockley - my wife goes and says the standard of classes/teachers are brilliant.

They did have an application in a few months back which disappeared (not the rejected palavar which was another studio/location)- not show why/what happened - but amazing news it may be back on, both from a selfish point of you and a high street point of view! Something different, that will be (I imagine) well used by the community :grin:

Vive la sydalution!

Just looked it up a little for anyone/everyone’s benefit:

DC/18/108525 is the application reference and/or the lewisham website for providing any comments you may have about the applicaroom - think you need to leave your full name and address for “validity” if emailing :+1: