Nando's [now open]



There’s rumours of one in the old wedding shop on Cobbs Corner.

Would be a big win IMHO

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There’s also a rumour about a cinema in the same block, but I can’t work out what the source of this rumour is.


Finally some good news for the local area!


That would be amazing, for eating out and young people wanting jobs!!


Read elsewhere that council planners are holding out becasue of local objectors to new takeaway/delivery services in the area. Late night mopeds not high on resident wishlists… can’t think why…!

But a compromise will be offered by the planners if the restaurant opens without deliveries. So the ball is in Nandos’ court. And they can always open and then appeal the restriction on delivery.


Deliveroo mopeds. Don’t get me started :confounded: :triumph:


Planning permission has been granted. Nando’s is coming, for better or worse!


From the letter granting Planning Permission. Hmmmm having up to 10 delivery bikes whizzing around is far from ideal. Deliveroo and Uber Eat drivers are a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong I’m pleased something is going in the site but would have been far better it were a licenced sit down restaurant NOT a Nando’s delivery hub overing quite a radius.

As discussed above it is proposed that a 3rd party delivery service will operate from the proposed Sydenham Nando’s store. Delivery riders can park their cycles on the existing cycle spaces located along Kirkdale frontage adjacent to the site access. In addition, 10 extra cycle spaces will be provided adjacent to the site in accordance with London Plan Standards to ensure sufficient capacity. Riders can wait for their order on a bench within the store.


I think more pressure should have (and could be going forward) to have only electric bikes used on the site, less noise and pollution.


I see they are discussing this restriction for the imminent Domino’s in Honor Oak. Electric bikes would surely resolve most local concerns about the noise and irritation of mopeds. And they’re probably less appealing to “yoofs” on the rob too.


Good shout @Andrew_Ames

More info on that here:


Anyone recommend good electric bjke? Such a great idea.


I love the idea however parking will be a big issue for residents around the area. With people using PureGym parking on Collingtree road and Peak hill at all hours of the day, parking for residents is getting harder and cant imagine how it would be once the nandos has opened.


The plans (posted on the ‘other’ forum look fantastic. This part of Sydenham is going to be totally transformed.

If you live near a tube station, near a high street, near a gym, near a Sainsburys, I expect you may have issues with parking if there is no local parking zone, whether all the shops nearby are empty or one is a Nandos. If I lived in one of those streets, I’d campaign for a ‘CPZ’.


Nandos now open. Just walked by and it was packed. Let’s hope it continues to be busy without any of the negative impacts discussed above.
Now waiting for place next door to finish its fitout.


The fitout is a great job. Incredible really how cobbs corner has been transformed in a couple of years.
New services in that time :slight_smile:
Greyhound/Sainsbury’s/Nando’s/Pure Gym/Mama Dough/Acorn.
I wish something would happen with the old snooker hall.