Mural shortlisting meeting - 22nd March 2018

Continuing the discussion from Sydenham Mural Planning:

First - The next meeting (as agreed as a good idea at the last) will be focussed around ensuring submitted designs are appropriate and have what is needed to be put forward to a vote and reality! The other important thing to discuss is how to present the vote so to speak.
To see the designs and be part of the initial process before it goes “public”, please join us at The Dolphin, Thursday 22nd at 7pm. The meeting is expected to be straight forward and shortish finishing by 8.30 latest.

I have personally contacted a number of local artists from different backgrounds and those associated with the arts in the hope some may attend.

The project was promoted on Radio sydenham last week! (Give it a listen - great tunes)

2 of the 3 local secondary schools (still awaiting FH school) have pledged to hold the designs and a ballot box
TNG (youth club) on Wells Park have pledged the same
Kirkdale Books, Cherry and Ice are signed up and I have or am contacting other high street locations such as the syd centre, the lovely gallery, inkwa, the library and others to see if they would host a ballot (I am aware this may not be possible with smaller shops but perhaps some may promote the project in other ways)

We were present at Sydenham Assembly yesterday to briefly explain the project and show the designs for some of the first votes to contribute to the shortlisting process / overall vote. Positively a number of people present were already aware of the project and only 1 from 30 odd votes was for the wall to stay as it is.

Hopefully see some people next week and as usual please let me know if planning to come so we have appropriate space!




Congrats on the coverage and the continued good stewardship, Jon. Looks like the project is going brilliantly!

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Brilliant Jon, thanks so much for pushing it forwards, please do say if you need any help. Will definitely come to the Dolphin meeting and just well done again!
In admiration!



Shall be there again. Looking forward to shortlisting discussion.


Eeek. Think that makes around 10 people if not a couple more if those who said they would come. Hope enough space!

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We will just have to be strict to keep meeting on track and get decisions made :grin:
As such two different sides , artistic discussion and then logistics of implementing vote. I will be quiet in the former and louder in the latter :wink:

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Discussion continues here: Reigniting the Sydenham Mural