Mural meeting - 7th March 2018

7pm at the Greyhound (unless can’t book table or table is dinner only).

Voting - method/timing
Promotion/exposure - method/timing
Fundraising “go live” - timing
AOB - including what ppl can offer (nearby car space, printer, links to useful people or resources etc)

Do let me know if can make it so can book /change venue if needs be etc!



Sadly can’t make it Jon, going away for weekend. That’s if my flight isn’t cancelled? If so will be there.

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If anyone is definitely coming please let me know! I booked a table for 8 (7 of us last time) but don’t wanna waste a table or turn up Billy no mates! Just be good to know either way :slight_smile: As said, on the agenda are a few important matters to decide regarding the voting process and crowdfunding/timeline. Cheers!

Hi Jon

I should be able to make Wednesday!



I couldn’t make it last time but keen to join this time.


Brilliant :slight_smile: That makes at least 5 with a few others confirmed outside this forum aswell.

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Will be in a green hoodie!

Many thanks to all for coming and contributing to the meeting. Intend to have a synopsis/minutes up over the next few days!

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Discussion continues here: Reigniting the Sydenham Mural