More trees under threat?

I fear it won’t stop with just these trees. The masts appear to be on the roof of the Fox and Hounds and these trees at way, way lower level.

Our Ref: TNE1254430 March 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,


The 3 Emergency Services (3ES) and over 300 other public safety and national contingency organisations across England, Scotland and Wales are required to protect the public and save lives. Today they use a mobile radio system (Airwave) to communicate within and between the 3ES but this needs replacement. Airwave delivers a secure and resilient critical voice communications with high levels of coverage and availability, but the technology cannot deliver broadband data services, it is very expensive and contracts are beginning to expire. The Home Office will not be extending the contracts for Airwave beyond those necessary to achieve an efficient transition to the new service, ESN.

Our Client MBNL, a joint venture between EE and Three, are responsible for providing the infrastructure for the new Emergency Services Network and will be utilising their existing sites to build this Network. Details of their commitment to this project can be found at the following link:

Emergency Services Network: overview - GOV.UK

On investigation, it has become apparent that the service is experiencing coverage issues with trees that are located within this area. These trees will require some attention for the site to remain an integral part of the Emergency Services network, ensuring efficient communications for the Blue Light services in the area.

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Edwards


E & S Surveys Ltd

It’s a bit sad that the trees are going to get lopped, but with the difficulty in finding sites and obtaining planning permission for new mobile masts, I guess there must be a keenness to keep any existing sites fully operational.