Memorial to the Bell Green Gas Holders



With demolition starting on 7th January, let’s use this topic to collect our photos, paintings and memories of the Bell Green gas holders, to create a memorial to this piece of our industrial heritage.

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From the snow last year



This morning’s sunrise


It’s good to have photos and keep a record but am I the only one that simply does not understand or get the significance of these gas holders? I personally find them somewhat of an eye-sore and believe the land could be put to much better use… I just don’t get it .

Apologies if that offends anyone. Not my intention… I’m genuinely curious as to why this seems such a big deal…


Hi @jonnoprice, the gasholders have certainly split opinion. There’s a good debate on this subject, which includes a poll: Bell Green Gas Holder Demolition, 7th January 2019 (I’d encourage the debate to continue on that topic, as opposed to here on the “memorial” topic).


Too right - and totally understood!


Lovely photos as always, @JamesEvans

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Dawn in Bell Green by Archoptical, on Flickr

Bell Green Gasholders by Archoptical, on Flickr

Spot The Peregrine by James Evans, on Flickr