Man found with fatal gunshot wounds on Sydenham Road [two men charged]

BREAKING: A young man in his 20s has been shot dead in broad daylight.

Met Police say they were called at 3.45pm to Sydenham Road, #SE26 where a man was found with gunshot wounds.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene at 3.50pm.

Continued below.

— London 999 Feed (@999London) September 8, 2019

Should be no big deal - people die all the time from violent crime - but this is on our doorstep… :confused:

@jonnoprice, having walked unbeknownst past this incident and spending the past couple of hours trying to comfort the parents of the potential victim - regardless of circumstances, trust me, it is a big deal.


“No big Deal” WHAT???


Thoughts are with the family regardless of the circumstances, condolences at this awful and sad time to all that know the victim. Words won’t make a difference but very sad for the loss of a young life. Take care.

I don’t know the victim but would never wish this on any kid or parent, this could happen to any of us in this day and age sadly.

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Of course it is a big deal… shook up by it all.

@jonnoprice I think your response is absolutely disgusting, especially as a young life has been taken.

Sorry just saw your last response and realise you probably didn’t mean to come across as you did initially.

We’re all in shock @jonnoprice. So, so sad our young people have such anger and hate towards each other. Our thoughts now have to be with the young man who lost his life on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


@Pauline,personally I don’t think any harm was intentional

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I posted in disgust at what happened. I am appalled by the loss of a life on our high street. “Should be no big deal” is a cynical and ironic comment based on how many senseless deaths there are and how little people seem to care. Apologies if the irony was lost on you. I will delete the damn post if it is so easily misread.


Please don’t

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Completely understand.

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I do apologise though… it was not a clearly thought out post and easy to misinterpret. RIP to the young man who lost his life.


The whole culture about postcode areas really scares me as a parent. I don’t know if this is the case here but is happening everywhere right now. It doesn’t matter if you bring your kid up in a bought home, private rented home, or on a block. They all stick by their friends in the area they live in regardless if they live in a five bedroom bought house or a single storey council flat. These young kids need to stop fighting with joining neighbourhoods and maybe we can help with this. Personally I hate the music they all listen too right now, it is aggressive, violent, and encourages kids to get violent with weapons. Happy to help set up a group to try stop this with the younger generation if anyone else is up for it.

Personally I live in a private garden flat but who is to say my teenager son won’t ever get mixed up in this just because I don’t live in a council house. We are all equal!

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Just picked up this report with witness statements -
It seems some people think that he could have shot himself. Very sad for this loss of life.

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To reiterate whatever the circumstance this is just an awful situation.

I was with the mum of the potential victim when she heard this and saw her devaststion. We don’t yet know the specific details of what happened.

IMO, I don’t think any of us are in a position to judge, but we should just be there for each other and try to comfort those that have lost a loved one.

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Take care xx

Reportedly he was trying to shoot someone else, but the bullet ricocheted back on him:

@jonnoprice please don’t delete your comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this forum, provided they are civil to other members (and you always are)