Lost photographs

On Sunday 1st Dec, I lost a bag of about 30 (mostly black and white) old family photos in the Dartmouth Rd area. They were in an airport security see through plastic bag. They are precious to me. Thanks

I’m so sorry. I know how devastated that would make me feel and my heart goes out to you. We need to spread the word as much as possible. Have you tried the police and the Council? It’s worth asking our lovely road sweepers to be on the look out and putting notices in shops along your route. Plus on lampposts like people do for lost cats. When you say Dartmouth Road area, which end/side streets?


Thank you so much for your kind words and advice . They are the only photos we have of my parents and grand parents. I gave them to my brother to make copies and somewhere between Kirdale and Forest Hill Sainsbury’s, he lost them. I’m trying to keep things in perspective, but it feels like a terrible loss!

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