Lewisham police stations to close, leaving just one


As part of cost cutting, the London Mayor has decided to close many London police stations. In Lewisham all borough police stations except for the one at the main police HQ in Lewisham town centre will close.

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Very sad. Our safer neighbourhood teams are based in some of the stations that Khan is closing.

Central funding has dropped an effective 18% in the last five years. I don’t understand how 18% translates to all but one of Lewisham’s stations being closed.

There is more to this story than central govt cuts.


People aren’t using the stations anymore I don’t think. Crime reporting on the internet, officers more out on the beat etc.


Interesting point Bob… I’m hoping you are right in that closing of police stations does not equate to lowering of police services on the streets. If that is true then we can all breath a sigh of relief. I can’t help but have some degree of doubt though - less police stations throughout the borough, as a result of budgetary cuts, must surely have knock-on effects in terms of speed of response, accessibility and so forth?