Lewisham mayoral election result: Damien Egan

Notably, the Tories extended their lead (since 2014) over the other minor parties, perhaps making them the go-to opposition in the next election.

I think you are looking at different results to me!
Labour increase lead with new mayor. Tories slightly increase share by a couple of percent. Lib Dem’s vote split as previous candidate stood as an independent. I’m not sure if 13% qualifies a candidate as the ‘go to’ opposition!

I’d prefer mayoral candidates to be independent rather that from a political brand.

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Ah, what I mean is - next time around when people ask the question “who should I vote for if I don’t want Labour” - the answer is clearer now than it was from previous mayoral elections.

Not really. There is a few percent between them. As seen in other results, that can change from election to election, candidate to candidate.

I wouldn’t say any of the next 3 candidates has a better chance than any other of coming second.

I’d rather have had a more politically diverse council. The fact that the solitary green candidate lost and the council is 100% red is depressing and bad for democracy.