Ignition Brewery Taproom

Welcome @Nick_at_Ignition and hearty congratulations on the recent awards!

It wasn’t clear from the pictures posted earlier in this thread so could you let me know your current opening hours? I’m aware there may have been some changes lately.


Sure! Our taproom is open every:
Thursday 5-9pm
Friday 5-10pm
Saturday 2pm-10pm

Thanks for asking and have a good week


Thank you @Nick_at_Ignition :pray:

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I popped in here about a month ago. I didn’t fancy any of the beers on tap so asked what else there was. The woman behind the bar treated me like an idiot and pointed to menu in front of me, saying that’s what they have. I pointed to the sign on the wall mentioning guest/specials (can’t remember the exact wording) to which she replied that she didn’t know anything about that and walked off.

I don’t think I’ll be going back in a hurry.

I sympathise, but bear in mind this is a social enterprise that does a lot of good for the community


Congrats @Nick_at_Ignition!

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