How to get Verified

When you meet a member of the team in real life, we can mark your profile as “Verified,” showing that you’re a bona-fide local.

Benefits for Verified Members

  • Add trustworthiness to your online profile (which lends credibility to your reviews of businesses etc)
  • Gain access to the members “Lounge” category
  • Get additional powers on the site:
    • Send private messages to other users
    • Recategorise and rename any topic
    • Flagging a spam post immediately hides it
    • Create collaborative “wiki” posts that others can edit

How to get verified

To get verified, add a profile photo (preferably showing your face), then either:

  • see @Pauline in Sugar Mountain (57 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill)
  • meet a team member.

Calling all SE26 shops: become a Verification Venue

More details here. If you know of any local businesses that would be interested in verifying members, please let us know

Over on, Sugar Mountain and No 41 Coffee are both verification venues - forum members can go to these shops in order to get their forum profile marked as “✓ Verified”

We’re currently looking for a local shop to be a verification venue for Sydenham.

This is a win-win for the shop and the forum, promoting the shop, bringing in customers, and adding credibility to member profiles on the forum.

If you know of any local businesses that would be interested in verifying members, please let us know

How does verification work?

Staff are granted access to a simple webpage allowing forum members to be searched by username. They can click to mark a profile as verified. This can be done from smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Is there any contract or cost?

Nope and nope :slight_smile:

I have verified @ForestHillNick (a moderator over on Welcome to :thumbsup:

I’ve just verified @Minniemabel from vintage shop Mabel’s Five & Dime. Thanks for joining :+1:


Verified @Pauline, @topofthehill and @weepy - welcome to, Pauline, Ann and Jonah.


Cheers Chris, great to be verified without doing it myself :+1: Best of luck with the new forum, sure it will be a hit :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Pauline :slight_smile:

For those who are unaware - @Pauline (the owner of SE23’s Sugar Mountain) has verified over a hundred members over on :trophy:


Happy to verify members on here too, I have quite a few SE26 customers, but it would be good if a couple of shops in SE26 could too. It’s easy & you get to meet new peeps in the area when you verify them :slight_smile:


Very kind of you to offer, @Pauline members - here’s where you’ll find Sugar Mountain:

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I have just verified @appletree. Thanks for joining


I’ve just verified another regular from - @dechips - great to have you onboard, Dom :thumbsup:

Thanks for joining, @SydenhamTC. I have verified your profile.

Hi Chris, can you verify me since I’m already verified on SE23.Life, please? Thx & have a good weekend.

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Done. Enjoy the long weekend :thumbsup:

I have verified @syddersisters as they signed in using their popular Twitter account. Great to have you on

Thanks, but I am not verified on!

True, but you’ve been a trusted contributor there for a while now :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks very much!

Hello Chris, could I be made official please? Previously verified by the redoubtable Pauline for the FH forum

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Done - welcome to, @Wilhelm ! :thumbsup:

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