Historic horse troughs stolen from Sydenham, Penge, Chislehurst and Downham streets

Sad to report:

Elsewhere too -

Now here’s a good idea:


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Comment by Claire Frost on our Facebook post:


Baffling and upsetting. One wonders what these criminals might steal next. War memorials? Statues?

It is sadly unlikely that these artifacts will appear on public antique listings. More likely: they will have been stolen to order by organised criminals with the kind of resources it takes to physically remove these items.

From our Facebook page:

Stolen two weeks ago in Widmore Green Bromley

This one was actually a Grade II listed structure; doesn’t help its protection but at least there is a detailed description: It’s incribed with the words ‘METROPOLITAN DRINKING FOUNTAIN AND CATTLE TROUGH ASSOCIATION.’ It has a drinking fountain with bowl at one end and dog trough below. Police and Council have been informed.

The Listing also means it’s classed as a “Heritage Crime”, so should see the police response and any penalties escalated.


Very sadly this has just been reported near me in Kent as well:


An article from December: