Free bicycle servicing in Mayow Park?

Hi all,

A friend and I are thinking of setting up a temporary free bike servicing spot in Mayow Park.

We’ve seen the huge queues outside bike shops at the moment and heard that some people can’t get appointments until August! So, as amateur mechanics with a bit of spare time on our hands we thought we’d try help the community a bit.

All labour would be free and it would only be on certain days of the week. We’d set the stand up somewhere out of the way, possible under the shelter on the edge of the cricket green.

Is this something people would want in the park?
Any objections?


I think it is a great idea.

That would be brilliant, hope you get plenty of support, I’d certainly make use of it!

Excellent idea, we would definitely swing by!

Great idea! I can’t imagine anyone would stop you.

Such a brilliant idea and a lovely way to share your skills

Just seen this and think it’s a brilliant idea. Are you going to do it?

This is such a lovely idea. A single parent at our school who knows nothing about bikes was moaning the fact that their son can’t ride now til they can get an appointment…I know how to fix a puncture but that is about it! I told them that some lovely members of the community were floating this idea on a local forum.

Hi King - I think I saw that you ended up doing this one day (I think I saw a post about it on the Friends of Mayow Park Facebook group). Do you have any plans to do it again and if so, when? :slight_smile: